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By David B Elgart and Paul Ognissanti

Contrary to what you may have heard, it is easy to simplify your New Jersey music wedding event planning.

Many couples will feel that it’s a daunting task to just think about organizing the music particulars for their special day.

They must consider the wedding ceremony with a classical music group. then hire the dj for dancing. An added obligation is to hire a live band for a touch of class during the cocktail hour and dinner which could also become a burden.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed before you even start considering the wedding music and all the song selections available!

That’s three separate tasks that need to be added to your exhausting wedding reception event planning checklist! It’s three full processes of “shop around-showcase-decide-secure availability and sign contract”.

Then let’s not overlook the fact that you need to firm-up a date with one of the numerous banquet halls that crowd our state. Reception halls in New Jersey are plentiful. However, if you want one of the most popular wedding venues, you need to secure your date at least one year ahead of time.

After you work so hard to secure the hall, you find that the preferred classical group, DJ or band you had your heart set on is booked for the same day. What a headache!

Now, you can hire a wedding planner to organize all this for you. The main idea is to ease the pressure of these logistics. However, you still need to give her the final ‘go’ on all decisions. You give the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ as she strenuously micro-manages the cooperation of the vendors and compiles your wedding checklist to your exact specifications. This involves many calls and emails flying back and forth to you. I ask, is that any easier?

And, if you go this route, the fee of a reputable organizer can just be the last straw to topple your wedding budget.

Now, what if I told you that the entire music segment on the wedding planning checklist can be cut in half with one mouse click? That the pain and hassle of securing great wedding music can be effectively eliminated.

Access to a seasoned music specialist will secure the classical music for your wedding ceremony along with a jazz ensemble for your cocktail hour and dining during the reception. Additionally, a Disc Jockey to party and dance to all of today’s hits is solved with that one contact.

A guide to easily securing the best of all these services with one contract and an ultra-affordable price is the key. With one small ensemble of musicians who also DJ, covering all the live music and DJ responsibilities is seamless. Everything from your wedding ceremony to the last dance flows with elegance and precision. There are no gaps. There are no coordination or communication difficulties among the music performers. It is one tight group dedicated to simplify your wedding music planning.

Further, music wedding themes, whether it be for a beach wedding or held at one of the most posh New Jersey banquet halls are effortlessly accommodated.

Dave Elgart Music provides an affordable, eloquent performance package that includes live classical music for your ceremony, jazz ensemble for your cocktail hour and dining enjoyment and a DJ to dance the night away.