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By David B Elgart

In this tough economy, it is not difficult to organize New Jersey corporate event planning to your budgeting advantage.

If you are considering live band booking, many good bands for hire will give you access to top quality party entertainers at a surprisingly affordable rate.

A band leader who has a first call band for hire knows that your corporate events need to be cost effective. In response, musicians for hire and even a normally expensive party dj will adjust their fees to secure your business with very little negotiating on your part.

The trick to securing an excellent deal is to have your event planner set up the corporate meeting during “off hours” and “off days”. The most expensive time for caterers and music providers is, without a doubt, the weekend.

Expect then to pay top price on Friday and Saturday evenings. You can negotiate a better price on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and Sunday evenings. However, smart event planners will avoid the weekend altogether.

Why make her party planning another job? Party entertainers could easily be booked elsewhere for the price they demand and will not be so willing to negotiate.

On the other hand, caterers, musicians, DJs and all other special events party planner vendors are delighted to gain employment in such a time slot as Monday or Tuesday at 11AM!

Expect to pay significantly less for any evening, Monday through Thursday. If you have your event coordinator price quote for day hours, Monday through Thursday, you will secure a great entertainment package for even less.

Event planning is now a dream for music vendor availability and price at such times.

I assure you that if you set your corporate event at such times, your conference planning coordination efforts will be reduced to a few simple phone calls. Contracts will be submitted almost instantly. Your corporate team building event will be a party planning “dream come true”.

Another tip would be to forestall the cost of a certified meeting planner. With such easy steps to align in vendor coordination, simply assign an in-house employee with good organizational skills.

Assign your temporary event planner with the job of “events planner for hiring and coordinating all vendors for our corporate team building extravaganza on (fill in the date)”

An office employee with decent “people skills” will bring together a corporate caterer, band for hire and/or party dj in no time.

If your assigned conference planner does run into a jam, ask her to recruit assistance from one of the vendors. Event planning tips acquired from a reputable professional could shave a lot more time off her party event planning efforts. It costs nothing.

Professional vendors are very happy to refer others who have bands for hire, corporate catering expertise and other event services specialists. These pros know who will provide the best service for your money. They also know who is easy to work with.

(Note: amiable and smooth interaction among the vendors is vital to an event coordinator. Never underestimate the importance of that fact in events planning. Vendors at an event are a team, even if just for the day.)

The vendor that you ask for advice will become a micro event coordinator by default. Be assured that other professionals are enthusiastic about recommending those that bring a high level of integrity and service to your corporate event management success.

For music in New Jersey, your event design will fall together flawlessly when contacting a band booking specialist for the entertainment.

You can have a band such as a jazz trio or jazz quartet, the DJ, classical string ensemble or any combination with one, easy contract. Such an arrangement is very convenient and cost effective.

Any style or theme of music will be provided with one contractor. No separate lists or individual vendors to complicate your conference management responsibilities.

Dave Elgart Music provides an affordable, classic performance package that includes classical music, jazz and a DJ to dance the night away.